About Greenhouse Diamonds

Get ready to sparkle with Greenhouse Diamonds! Our crew brings a treasure trove of experience in jewellery design, crafting most pieces right here in Australia as proud members of the Goldsmiths Guild of Australia. We're not just about bling; we're about sustainability, crafting pieces that last a lifetime. WHY PICK US? Traditional diamond mining not our style? It's a planet-pummeling process. That's why we've turned to lab-grown diamonds. They're eco-friendly, replicating nature's sparkle in weeks and meeting the highest quality standards. All our diamonds over half a carat? They come with their own bragging rights - independently graded and certified to a minimum of GH Si2. Plus, we've got your back with refunds or exchanges if your bling isn't quite right. Inspired by love and memories, our designs are like tiny time capsules, capturing the essence of your special moments. Let's create your next favourite memory together! For inquiries or custom designs, shoot us an email at info@greenhousediamonds.com.au. Let's make some magic! 🌟
Gone are the days when traditional mining was the only route for engagement rings! Thanks to environmental concerns and technological leaps, alternatives have become the new go-to, especially for eco-conscious shoppers. Enter laboratory-grown diamonds - conflict-free, wallet-friendly, and outshining mined diamonds in every way imaginable! WHY LAB GROWN DIAMOND ROCK: At Greenhouse Diamonds, we're all about cultivating bling in our super-controlled labs, mimicking Mother Nature's magic without wrecking the planet. Picture diamonds that are twins to their natural counterparts, but with a much lighter eco-footprint! We team up with the coolest diamond growers globally, using primo diamond seeds for our bling. Then, our lab wizards cut and polish each gem to perfection, ensuring they sparkle like a disco ball! Oh, and did we mention? Every Greenhouse Diamond is the creme de la creme - Type IIa, baby! And here's the cherry on top: every sparkler over 0.50 carats gets the VIP treatment with rigorous grading and certification. You heard it right - all our diamonds are lab-grown, bringing joy and sparkle without the guilt. So, why settle for mined rocks when you can rock with our lab-made beauties? Let the fun and sparkle begin with Greenhouse Diamonds! 🌟  
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Let's delve into the environmental impact of traditional diamond mining! Imagine this: a whopping 1750 tonnes of earth excavated just to unearth a single 1.00ct rough diamond. And every year, a staggering 150 million carats of diamonds are extracted from the Earth's depths through mining. But it's not just about the sheer scale. Mining wreaks havoc on the environment, with soil being stripped away and waste often dumped nearby. Open pits turn into stagnant pools, perfect breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes. Pollution from mining kills off plants and animals, leaving communities struggling for food and farmers with barren land. The blasting methods used in mining churn out dust clouds that spread diseases, forcing residents to flee. And let's not forget the workers who breathe in those hazardous chemicals, leading to lung ailments and health issues. But fear not! Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we now have a guilt-free alternative: Greenhouse Diamonds. These gems are environmentally and ethically superior to mined diamonds, empowering consumers to make a positive impact with their bling. So, let's sparkle sustainably and make a difference together! 🌿💎

Laboratory Grown Diamonds vs Diamond Simulants:

Diamond simulants, like cubic zirconia and moissanite, may resemble diamonds, but they lack the genuine carbon crystal composition. Consequently, they possess different chemical and physical properties, resulting in significantly lower prices compared to laboratory-grown diamonds. Distinguishing simulants from natural or lab-grown diamonds can be done with the naked eye.
 comparison of lab made diamonds and diamond simulant


While Greenhouse diamonds may occasionally be cultivated using the CVD or Chemical Vapour Deposition method, we predominantly opt for the HPHT or High Pressure High Temperature method. The HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) method is a cutting-edge technique used to create laboratory-grown diamonds. Mimicking the natural process that occurs deep within the Earth's mantle, this method subjects carbon materials to extreme pressures and temperatures, typically around 5.4 GPa and 1500°C. High-purity graphite powder serves as the carbon source, while synthetic diamond grits act as seed crystals. The process results in diamonds that are physically, optically, and chemically identical to mined diamonds. Despite its complexity, the HPHT method enables precise control over diamond growth, producing gems of exceptional quality and brilliance.