About Greenhouse Diamonds

The team at Greenhouse Diamonds have a wealth of experience in jewellery design and fashion. We are a proud Australian business, members of the Goldsmiths Guild of Australia making most of our jewellery in our workshop here in Australia. We care about the environment and the impact our choice make on it, so we design and create jewellery with longevity in mind. Our jewellery items are heaver, and made to a standard not to a price. As put so elegantly by Benjamin Franklin “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” 

Why did we start Greenhouse Diamonds?

Did you know that It is estimated by scientists that on average about 200-250 tons of rocks are mined to extract a large enough crystal, to cut a one carat diamond of a high enough quality, to meet our strict grading parameters. That's a lot of disruption to the local environment that  can scar the landscape indefinitely.

Greenhouse Diamonds are different as they are all Laboratory Grown Diamonds. Our growing process utilizes advanced scientific knowledge and technology to recreate what took nature billion years in just a few weeks. Quality controlled from start to finish we ensure every diamond is up to our high standards.

With these advances in technology we have been able to change the diamond market forever. No longer will you have to ask about conflict diamonds, sustainable mining practices, nor quality standards.

All our diamonds over half a carat are independently graded and certified with a minimum standard grade of GH Si2. The ascent diamonds are also graded to a GH SI standard. This gives you the confidence in making your purchase online, as you can be assured of what you receive is what you expected. In case your purchase does not suit you, we also offer refunds or exchanges on all your purchases as long as it has not been worn*. Please see more at our terms and conditions at checkout.

How do we do it?

We are designing and creating jewellery every day, and many times we are asked where the inspiration for our designs comes from. Like a drop of water hitting a perfectly still pond it creates an idea, balanced in its response to its new environment. From here the idea is born, nurtured and formed into a lasting piece of jewellery allowing that moment to live forever. This concept carries forward to you and your jewellery. Jewellery is worn to celebrate a moment, a memory or a love and our Greenhouse Diamonds team we would be privileged to help you with that.

For more information, or for quotes on custom designs please emails us on: 


About Greenhouse Lab Grown Diamonds