Half Carat lab grown diamond by greenhouse australia
50pt Colour F Si2 lab grown diamonds in australia
perfect single stone for customized ring for someone special
Lab Grown Diamond Grading Scale, colour and size chart
Lab grown Diamond colour chart
greenhouse laboratory grown diamonds australia

1/2 Carat Round Greenhouse Diamond, Brilliant Cut, F Si2

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A half Carat Brilliant Cut Greenhouse diamond would make a great centre stones for your dream ring. This stone is graded F colour and Si2 meaning there are some small inclusions inside the stone, and are difficult to be seen with the unaided eye.

We will then custom design a ring for you to suite your requirements. We can use images, drawings or web pictures of inspiration. The cost of drawing a basic design is $150, and that is included in the price of the stone.

We will then be able to give you a fixed quote for making the ring including any side stones used in the metal if your choice, 9k, 18k, 22k or even Platinum.

I am happy to give rough quotes for custom designs before you purchase the stone!