12 Diamond 18k White Gold ring
Lab grown diamond 18k white gold ring
Lab Made Diamond 18k white gold ring

1.18ct Greenhouse Diamond graded G Si2 in a 18k White Gold Ring

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With a scintillating row of brilliant diamonds and a truly extraordinary center stone, light is gathered and reflected from all directions of this design.

This piece effortlessly radiates sophistication and charm through its elaborate details. This 18K white gold band is embedded with a strand of 12 2.00mm diamonds with an Si clarity, ranging in colour from E to G. To complete the piece, set within the center is a 1.18ct Solitaire Greenhouse Lab Grown Diamond. This piece is exclusive to the Greenhouse Diamonds range and is encased in a spacious white timber jewelry box to house your entire collection.

All Greenhouse Diamonds are REAL Diamonds, not C/Z's or diamond simulates. The only difference is our diamonds are created in a laboratory and did not come out of the ground. To read more about this please click here.